We Build Books.

We Build Books.

Whether you’re writing a novel, seeking a ghostwriter, or looking to publish a book from your non-fiction expertise, today’s publishing world can be confusing.

  • When do I need a book editor?
  • Should I pursue self-publishing?
  • How do I know when my book is done?

Book Architecture can help.


Need someone to write your book?

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Developmental Editing.

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A Little Help.

Need tools while you write your book?

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As founder and principal of Book Architecture, Stuart has spent over fifteen years helping writers become authors, signing with top literary agencies, sealing deals with coveted publishing houses, or forging a successful path through indie publishing.

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Verna Myers

Verna Myers

“Many times I had the feeling, ‘Wow, Stuart figured out what I was trying to say!’ Book Architecture’s encouragement definitely helped me keep going. In those moments when I felt lost, Stuart taught me about the power of structure to tell a story. The story’s there, it just has to be structured so people can…

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The Book Architecture Trilogy

Protected: Finish Your Book in Three Drafts

Finish Your Book in Three Drafts

Write, Revise, and Complete a Book While You Still Love It

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Book Architecture


How to Plot and Outline Without Using a Formula

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Blueprint Your  Bestseller

Blueprint Your Bestseller

Organize and Revise Any Manuscript

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The Writer’s Dictionary

Writer [rahy-ter] noun: Someone who writes. Getting Published [get-ting pub-lished] verb (used with object): The act of making a piece of writing public. Getting published indicates that someone else is doing (some of) the public-making. Self Publishing [self pub-lish-ing] verb: The act of making a piece of writing public. Undertaken for a host of reasons…

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