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1,000 Words Against the Madness

That’s my new motto, my new favorite mantra. That’s the goal on any given day. Not transforming the entire world in one fell swoop, or getting on the cover of Time Magazine, just shining a little light in my corner of the world. If I do that, I am done for the day.

It has long been my belief that earth is kind of like middle school. We have some evolved souls floating around, the 8th graders (at least that’s how they do it in our town). We have some newbie 5th graders who will believe just about anything. But taken as a whole, this planet is kind of a juvenile mess (myself included, of course.)

If I can reach for a thousand words that come from a real/er place, that help me pass some of my studies, and maybe also inspire others, I’m happy. For today.

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