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Writing is Hard, But


Writing is hard. Even writing a paragraph.

You get an idea. You sketch it out until you’ve covered the ground…then you wait.

You take the best parts up a level…then you wait.

As the rest of the piece comes together, you start to know what this paragraph is really doing, so you revise your paragraph some more, planting seeds or tightening connections…then you wait.

And finally, you recite it to yourself for the real music and meaning.

So yes, writing is hard. But it’s easier if you pick stuff you care about. In fact, that might be the only way we ever finish with style.


Mary Poppins on the Magic



“First of all, let me make one thing perfectly clear. I never explain anything.” — Mary Poppins

“Show, don’t tell” is likely the most commonly used writing axiom, but it is not new. In fact, it is old as rhetoric. Bringing people to conclusions via sensual imagery, momentous actions telling dialogue, or irrefutable logic has been advocated for thousands of years.

No one wants to be spoon-fed…but we are hungry. How can you bring us into the scene or make your point in a way that feels inescapable — and so we think it was our idea in the first place?



Your Skill is not Static

As a writer, your skill is not static. Instead, the better the project for you, the more skill you will show.

Writing is not a one-size fits all game. There are certain genres where your talent can shine, certain audience members you address when you can really hear yourself think.

Gravitate toward what you love and where you feel comfortable…and your skill level will soar.

Introducing the Mini-Blog

Ever try to keep a blog up? Maybe you get distracted by other writing projects or mired in the self-esteem swamp about who’s really listening anyway…

We’ve been a lot of places with the BA blog over the past seven years: from an aggressive daily beast of a calendar to finely wrought essays that come out every two, no make it three, or maybe four, weeks.

Our latest turn is toward the weekly mini-blog: 100-150 words (or less) on what we’re thinking that might help you write now. It’s like a blog cocktail party; come stop by — you might not even need dinner afterward.