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Writing Retreats: Staycation Edition

Today I went on a writing retreat and I did not leave my town.

How did I do it?

  • I told my family I was going into writer mode and got a little crap for it but nothing that wasn’t done with love in the end.
  • I did not check my email, texts, FB messages, mailbox, home phone (j/k, we don’t have one of those any more).
  • I didn’t run the dishwasher.

I basically only did what I would do if I was on a retreat: I went for a run, drank coffee, read some inspiring literature and wrote. Then I went for a drive around my town, down roads I rarely travel, stopping at a store I never go to and a cafe I never eat at. (And got something I never order.)

The work was good today. And I didn’t have to wait for anything special to do it.


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